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  • Student Legal Clinic

    Tax Mistakes have a solution

    Dear Student Legal Clinic,

    I had my taxes done by VITA in 2011 and now I have received a letter from the IRS that I owe money because of a mistake on my taxes.  I don’t think this is right or fair.  Where can I get help with this?  
    Signed Barbara

  • Opinions

    Flush the toilet: The Dilemma of Raunchy Restrooms

    You know you’ve seen it. I have and it’s enough to make you want to throw up – feces smeared on the toilet seat, menstruation products left for all to see, urine sprayed on the floor, graffiti on the walls, full unflushed toilets just waiting to be flushed – and I’ve been told that used condoms have appeared in the men’s room. Sound familiar? It should – because that is the condition of the campus restrooms much of the time.