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Blood Drive at MATC open to all

Published: Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Updated: Friday, November 2, 2012 17:11

blood drive 2012

Darin Dubinsky

Biannual Blood Drive. The Latino Student Organization partnered with the Blood Center for Wisconsin to host a blood drive at MATC Downtown. The blood donation takes about ten minutes to acquire a pint. MATC has partnered with the Blood Center for over six years with blood drives as one way to save lives.

MATC held its biannual blood drive on February 24, at its Downtown Campus. The Blood Center of Wisconsin partnered with the LSO (Latino Student Organization) to host the drive.

As Penelope Stewart Community Outreach Manager for Blood Center for Wisconsin mentioned, “It is a great volunteer opportunity to help save the life of someone in your community.”

The bonus is it only takes about an hour. There is the process of registration, which you will need an ID card for. Then the health history portion which involves answering questions about your health. You then undergo a mini exam where they determine whether you are able to donate (temperature, blood pressure, heart rate and hemoglobin level.)

Next you donate. The actual blood donation takes about 10 minutes itself. You complete this relatively simple process with a snack and drink, compliments of Blood Center of Wisconsin and the LSO.

Each unit of blood (one pint) helps to save 3 patients. This means in MATC’s 6 years of partnership with Blood Center of Wisconsin, they have helped to save over 900 lives.

To donate you should be over the age of 17 (16 with parental consent) to be in good health, and weigh at least 110 lb. You can donate every 8 weeks (or 56 days.) Blood Center of Wisconsin is the only provider of blood to 56 local hospitals. They need 800 patients six days a week to keep up with their demand. They have 12 centers and do at least 10 to 15 mobile drive daily to encourage donations, in the South Eastern Wisconsin area.

If you give blood you have may be added to the organ and tissue donor list. This is a simple procedure. It involves 4 mouth salvia swabs, and a contact information form. “It is a three in one way to help save lives,” as Penelope said.

If you are interested in either donating or volunteer opportunities contact the Blood Center of Wisconsin at 1-877-BE-A-HERO.


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