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Letter to the Editor

Published: Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Updated: Friday, November 2, 2012 17:11

I wanted to respond to Dolores Klitzka who wrote an article that included some information about the bank and the ATM but I do not know how to reach her. Maybe you can forward this on for me? I would welcome her anytime if she would like more information regarding this.

I always welcome feedback from anyone about anything, but there were some inaccuracies in the article she wrote "Additional fees for MATC students"

The ATM fee is written as $3.00 when it is actually just $2.00. Most US Bank ATMs do charge a $3.00 fee but I was able to convince them to leave this one as a $2.00 fee per use considering that it is mostly college students using the machine.

It is also noted that the college's bank is Chase bank. This is partially true; the college does have accounts at multiple banks - Chase included. Over the past 3 years since the US Bank branch was put in, many of these accounts have been switched over to US Bank.

And finally, the question is posed in the article as to why the college would push students to use their Stormer Pass as an ATM card when there is a fee to use the machine.

The answer to this, that was not mentioned at all in the article, is that any student that has a us bank checking account can use the ATM machine or the US Bank branch without any fees at all.

The only time you will be charged a fee is if you use a debit card from another bank, which is standard at any ATM, on or off campus.

Thanks for forwarding this on if you can - I appreciate it!

Matthew Moore

AVP / Branch Manager

US Bank

Milwaukee Area Technical College


414-226-0155 - fax



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