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Associate Degree honors list

Published: Friday, May 9, 2008

Updated: Friday, November 2, 2012 17:11

Maria C. Colon, Early Childhood Education

Lesvia I. Gregory, Early Childhood Education

Helen Guma, Early Childhood Education

Sharon P. Hansen, Early Childhood Education

Tiffany L. Holland, Early Childhood Education

Brian P. Ahrens, Culinary Arts

Miss Megan Gajewski, Culinary Arts

Kathryn A. Mulder, Culinary Arts

Brian J. Poetzel, Culinary Arts

Benjamin V. Rosales, Culinary Arts

Leroy Scarborough, Culinary Arts

Saralou Schmidt, Culinary Arts

Paige Sumner, Culinary Arts

Joseph V. Schankey, Police Science

Nicole M. Reschlein, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement

Jeffrey A. Sather, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement

Anne C. Kuffel, Dental Hygiene

Jeannine Larsen, Dental Hygiene

Holly M. Senft, Dental Hygiene

Ryan E. Knapp, Surgical Technologist

Donna M. Konopka, Surgical Technologist

Christina M. Martinez, Surgical Technologist

Stephanie L. Smith, Clinical Laboratory Technician

Abby A. DeVlaeminck, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Laurel L. Pemberton, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Erin C. Smith, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Randall L. Miller, Respiratory Care

Aaron C. Weaver, Respiratory Care

Kelly A. Droysen, Respiratory Therapist

Gregory G. Lusz, Respiratory Therapist

Jennifer M. Polak, Respiratory Therapist

Brittany L. Schepker, Respiratory Therapist

Laura L. Vande Kolk, Respiratory Therapist

Therese A. Whelan, Respiratory Therapist

Shelly J. Wicknick, Respiratory Therapist

Sarah Winnemuller, Respiratory Therapist

Michelle A. Buchmann, Human Service Associate

Tiffany M. Gilson, Human Service Associate

Dwight Johnson, Human Service Associate

Nancy A. Lisiecki, Human Service Associate

Robert M. McCreadie, Human Service Associate

Elizabeth W. Porter, Human Service Associate

George O. Ramsey, Human Service Associate

Samantha A. Rosemond-Garland, Human Service Associate

Marsha J. Schindler, Cardiovascular Technology - Invasive

Debra J. Clayton, Cardiovascular Technology - Echocardiography

Cathlyn Z. Morrell, Cardiovascular Technology - Echocardiography

Selami Dogan, Physical Therapist Assistant

Jeffrey Froh, Radiography

Alyssa K. Leighton, Interpreter Technician

Susan M. Stewart, Interpreter Technician

Daniel J. Behrs, Anesthesia Technology

Diana C. Goth, Anesthesia Technology

Daren B. Jasourowski, Anesthesia Technology

Sr. Katarzyna Andrychowska, Registered Nursing

Jennifer L. Bunzel, Registered Nursing

Jamie S. Cook, Registered Nursing

Debra A. Cross, Registered Nursing

Nichole L. Dietzler, Registered Nursing

Mercy E. Emereonye, Registered Nursing

Margaret R. Givens, Registered Nursing

Kathryn A. Graham, Registered Nursing

Christine M. Hagen, Registered Nursing

Miss Sarah E. Hansen, Registered Nursing

Manta L. Howard, Registered Nursing

Brandy A. Jaeschke, Registered Nursing

Melissa L. Klitzke, Registered Nursing

Katherine L. Laubert, Registered Nursing

Mrs. Valerie Leonhardt, Registered Nursing

Amy L. Miller, Registered Nursing

Rosa E. Montes, Registered Nursing

Natasha S. Pavelka, Registered Nursing

Tisha T. Schultz, Registered Nursing

Derrick L. Story, Registered Nursing

Dolores Vinketa, Registered Nursing

Robin A. Wienkers, Registered Nursing

Ericka Zahn, Registered Nursing

Beverly M. Grimm, Chemical Technician

Paul Taldone, Electronic Technology - Communications

Robert Sanfilippo, Electronic Technology - Industrial Controls and Automation

Francis A. Freudinger, Biomedical Electronics Technology

Chad D. Matzen, Biomedical Electronics Technology

Benjamin A. Haberkorn, Electronic Engineering Technology (2+2)

Luke A. Balge, Mechanical Design Technology

Christopher D. Damon, Mechanical Design Technology

Steven W. Joehnk, Mechanical Design Technology

Aaron A. Keihl, Mechanical Design Technology

Jolanta A. Voigt, Mechanical Design Technology

Michael J. Brofka, Civil Engineering Technology

Brian F. Glaszcz, Civil Engineering Technology

Marc H. Morgan, Civil Engineering Technology

Catherine Vincevineus, Architectural Technology

Randall M. Bishop, Television and Video Production

Anthony M. Gehring, Music Occupations

Eric M. Lundgren, Music Occupations

Ryan M. Prager, Individualized Technical Studies

William M. Adams, Associate in Arts

Joanne M. Anderson, Associate in Arts

Maija S. Cruz, Associate in Arts

Jo E. Darnton, Associate in Arts

Stephen P. Goeb, Associate in Arts

Arcell Green, Associate in Arts

Nicholas L. Hirn, Associate in Arts

Michael J. Hoard, Associate in Arts

Elizabeth E. Piraino, Associate in Arts

Terri A. Wengelewski, Associate in Arts

Dan Matysiak, Associate in Arts - Teacher Education

Tashico C. May, Associate in Arts - Teacher Education

Eliot D. Stanton, Associate in Science

Kollette M. Kilgren, Small Business Training

Patricia J. Dobeck, Accounting

Laura A. Padgett, Accounting

Antonette T. Roby, Business Management

Malee Vang, Banking and Financial Services

Jennifer L. Groth, Medical Administrative Specialist

Lori A. Korabik, Medical Administrative Specialist

Cassandra M. Powell, Medical Administrative Specialist

Deborah J. Rolland, Medical Administrative Specialist

Khanh T. Vu, Medical Administrative Specialist

Daniel P. Phelan, Computer Information Systems - Microcomputer Specialist

Joel R. Simet, Management Development (Supervisory Management)

Karla J. Sprung, Management Development (Supervisory Management)

Pamela J. Trzebiatowski, Management Development (Supervisory Management)

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