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  • MATC Times Health

    Stormer Healthy Times

    Regulating the bodies I’s and O’s-Water basics for summer hydration

    Keys… check, phone…check, book bag…check and one last thing ……..Yes!! A bottle of H2O. Has that list gone through your mind in the morning before class? Summertime is definitely here and maintaining a healthy hydration level is important for several reasons. Drinking the appropriate amount of water regulates the body temperature and also helps convert food into energy.

  • MATC Times Features Healthy Times Tutor

    Tutors eager to help students who admit need for help

    There’s bound to be any number of snags a student will encounter while pursuing a college diploma and it’s hard sometimes, when problems arise, to admit you need help. As a rule of thumb, in the academic world it’s always better to get help at the first sign of trouble rather than decide to eject at the last minute.

  • MATC Times WNPA Contest

    Photo finish for the photography program

    WNPA Contest Results

    On April 26, MATC Photography students had the opportunity to go to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to watch the judging of the WNPA Student Photo Contest, and see if their photos would place.

  • MATC Times Perspective Features


    Just clean up after yourself!

    It sounds simple – a clean flushed toilet, some toilet paper, hand soap, water, and paper towels, yet going to our restrooms is sometimes an unpleasant experience.

  • MATC Barber/Cosmetology

    Barber Cosmetology students make styling affordable

    In the 2013-2014 school year there will be up to five different paths one can take within the Barber/Cosmetology  department.

  • MATC Earth Day 2013

    Think green for Earth Day

    You have probably heard car manufacturers tout the impressive horse-powered engines harnessed in their automobiles.

  • MATC Student Government Association

    Student Government members fulfilling ‘self’ by giving time

    In the fall of 2012, West Allis SGA members united to answer a noble question, “What can we do to give back to our community?”

  • MATC Grand Event

    A grand event fit for a king…and a queen

    On April 19, the District Student Senate’s (DSS) annual Grand Event, the Wonderland Extravaganza, took place at Potawatomi Casino.

  • balanced life exams MATC

    The Healthful “Times”- Small strides in building a soulful balance

    Balancing school, work and an everyday job can leave a person exhausted and frustrated at times.

  • MATC Surgical Technology program

    Men encouraged to operate on their future

    Every Saturday in April, from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., a free exploration course gives boys and men ages 16 and up an opportunity to explore the Surgical Technology program at the Downtown campus.

  • MATC Oak Creek Criminal Justice easter eggs

    Oak Creek campus gets egged

    The week before Spring Break, members of Student Life at MATC South got into the Easter spirit and hosted a three-day Easter egg hunt.

  • Marwill Santiago MATC

    Santiago prepares for the future

    Marwill Santiago, recruitment specialist in Student Services, helps spread the word about MATC by visiting high school students and telling them about the benefits of going to the school.

  • MATC student accident insurance

    Mandatory student accident insurance next fall

    The District Student Senate (DSS) which is comprised of student representatives from all four campuses, voted several months ago to implement a $50,000 accident/injury insurance policy for only $6.75 per semester.

  • MATC Times Features Women in History

    Let’s celebrate women in history

    It’s important to remember the crucial role women had throughout history. Significant figures like Jeanette Rankin and Harriet Tubman are sometimes left out of historical conversation even though the legacies of these women sound out that of many men.

  • MATC Times Features Native American

    Respect for the Native American culture

    The Native American Student Movement (NASM) is pleased to announce that each week of April, Native American Heritage month, there will be something different that can immerse you in Native American culture, or teach you something that you might’ve never known.

  • Kathy Kriesser MATC Printing Services Times

    Krieser retires after 38 years

    Gas was 44 cents a gallon, the average cost of a new car, $4,250. The year was 1975 and that is when Kathy Krieser started at MATC in the Printing Services department.