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Black History Month and you!

Published: Thursday, February 28, 2013

Updated: Thursday, February 28, 2013 17:02

MATC Times Perspectives

MATC Times

Black History Month Perspectives

MATC Times

MATC Times

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Black History Month recognizes the individuals who have made strides in social change through peaceful and unforgettable movements.

Aside from the independent holiday celebrations, Americans
celebrate February in its entirety as Black History Month.

When six students were asked, “What does Black History Month mean to you?” here is what they said.

Daniel Preston - Human Services
“It’s cultural. It celebrates African-American culture like music, dance and food. It’s all in there. And it’s a big part of culture.”

Charles Padmore - IT Networking
“It means a lot. It symbolizes the freedom and equality.

Being equal and being able to have equal opportunity is important for America to grow. I celebrate it by doing more research and reading to my daughter about our history, about figures like Rosa Parks.”

Steven Briggs - Social Science
“Black History Month is a celebration of African-American accomplishments after years of discrimination.”

Rachael  Arnold  - Cardiovascular Sonography
“Well, I feel like it should be every month. It’s a big part of history and a concept that we all need to embrace.”

Hannah Stukenburg - Liberal Arts
“It’s about honoring the African-American people that made it possible for the African-American people to have opportunities today.”

Antoinette Jackson - Liberal Arts
“Black History Month symbolizes the legacy of where I came from and what my ancestors fought for.”

As America prospers through constant change and hard work, remembering the past and giving credit to the memorable figures like Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Malcolm X and Fredrick Douglas, should forever be in the mind-set of every American.


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